Horses for Sale




When you advertise in the Appaloosa News, classified advertising on this site is available for an additional $10. There is no better place to display your Appaloosa for sale – that’s what people come to this site for!

For Appaloosa News advertising rates, please see Fees and Forms and for deadlines Contact the Office.

Please be mindful that you may receive enquiries that are not genuine and we recommend you exercise all usual caution when selling your horses or gear.

ApHANZ Merchandise

  • Plastic bagholders ($10 each)
  • Ordinary caps ($17 each)
  • Bath towels ($25 each)
  • Hand towels ($10 each)
  • Pillowcase ($10)



  • Red t-shirt, S
  • White t-shirt, S
  • Black, white & grey t-shirt, M
  • Red t-shirt, L
  • White t-shirt, XL

Payment with order, please order through the Office