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Appaloosas can do absolutely anything! Whether you’re a competitive trail rider, show jumper, eventer, western rider or you do a bit of everything, the Appaloosa is your capable of being the overall package horse. It’s not unusual to see an Appaloosa doing all of these disciplines and more.

When you’re a member of ApHANZ and you compete with a registered Appaloosa, you have the chance to compete for a variety of ApHANZ Awards:

Contact the Office for information on how to go about collecting your points for the various disciplines and which point books are the correct books to complete.

Points Eligibility

Holly Breaux DVM and Flecken Awesome showing plenty of scope during an Eventing Cross Country Phase.

There are a number of factors that will determine the eligibility of points for any one competition.

  • The Organisation (or rules) the event is being run under
  • The Type of classes – not all classes are eligible
  • Number of horses competing in the class, show or event
  • Qualifying or Completion

For full details on this please refer to the Breed Handbook $10 available from the Office.

 Points Recognised Organisations

ApHANZ recognises points earned (from placing’s) in competition when events are run under the jurisdiction of the following organisations:

  • American Quarterhorse Assn. NZSilhouette
  • Federation of NZ Hunt Clubs
  • NZ Arab Society
  • NZ Cutting Horse Assn.
  • NZ Endurance
  • Equestrian Sports NZ
  • NZ Hack & Hunter Society
  • NZ Horse Society
  • NZ Polo Assn.
  • NZ Polo Crosse Assn.
  • NZ Pony Club Assn.
  • NZ Thoroughbred Marketing
  • NZ Rodeo Assn.
  • NZ Thoroughbred Racing
  • NZ Western Riding Federation
  • Royal Agricultural Society

 Points Recognised Disciplines & Classes


  • Halter
  • Adult Showmanship at Halter
  • Trail
  • Pleasure
  • Western Riding
  • Reining
  • Cutting
  • Working Cowhorse
  • Hunter under Saddle
  • Hunter Hack


  • In-Hand
  • Dressage
  • Show Jumping
  • Hack
  • Hunter
  • Sport Horse
  • Horse Trials (Eventing)
  • Show Hunter
  • Open English
Flecken Awesome and Owner Holly Breaux DVM showing everyone how to make Cross country look easy - ride an Appaloosa!!
Flecken Awesome and Owner Holly Breaux DVM showing everyone how to make Cross country look easy – ride an Appaloosa!!

Youth Performance:

  • Excludes Halter / In-Hand Classes
  • Youth Classesgallery14
  • Walk & Trot
  • Leadine Special
  • Youth Costume
  • Western Performance
  • English Performance

Endurance & Competitive Trail Rides (CTR)

Polo Crosse


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