Fees and Forms

The forms here require Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download from adobe.com.  Please contact the office for any forms you require while we get the forms updated online.

For help completing the progeny or adult registration forms please see the registration section.

Registrations Please send all registration forms and stallion returns to : Charleen Allison (Registrar) 30 Flett Road, 2RD, Otautau 9682

Essential Forms

 Appaloosa Association fees

Adult registration:

  • One step Registration – $70

Other registration / breeding fees:

  • Duplicate registration certificate – $20.00
  • Stallion classification – $200.00
  • Stallion return (per mare) – $9.00
  • Late stallion return (per mare) – $18.00
  • Service to non-Appaloosa stallion – $20.00
  • Transfer of ownership – $20.00
  • Pedigree – $20.00

For more on registration, see our registration section.

Appaloosa Horse Club (APHC), International Registration Incentive Program (IRIP)

International Registration and Membership Fee Schedule

  • Fees subject to change without notice. Check the current Official Handbook of the ApHC for current fees. All applications received without payment will be returned. Payable in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. Bank.

    IRIP Registration (No ApHC Membership Required for IRIP Registration) – $US50.00
  • IRIP Registration and an ApHC individual membership ($US50 IRIP Registration + $US55 Individual ApHC Membership) – $US105.00
  • IRIP Registration and an ApHC couple membership ($US50 IRIP Registration + $US80 Couple ApHC Membership) – $US130.00
  • IRIP Registration and an ApHC family membership ($US50 IRIP Registration + $US95 Family ApHC Membership) – $145.00
  • IRIP Registration and an ApHC youth membership ($US50 IRIP Registration + $US10 Youth ApHC Membership,18 yrs of age or under) – $ 60.00


  • New individual (adult) membership – $80.00
  • Renewed individual membership – $70.00
  • New constituent membership – $105.00
  • Renewed constituent membership – $95.00
  • New family membership – $115.00
  • Renewed family membership – $105.00
  • Youth membership – $50.00

For more on membership, see our membership section.

Books and Magazines

    • Appaloosa E News Magazine, emailed our to all current members, make sure we have your current email address, also available here.
    • Service certificate book (stallion owners) – $20.00
    • ApHANZ Breed Handbook (essential reading), available for download here.

Magazine Advertising

Due to the Appaloosa News now going digital… ApHANZ are now offering free advertising for current financial members. Adverts will be displayed on the website as well as feature in our Appaloosa News Stallion edition which will be available early September 2019.
Appaloosa News magazine is available online free to current members.

Deadline for Appaloosa News Stallion Edition: 
Monday 26th August 2019 – adverts will be put in alphabetical order based on horses name.

Website: Adverts will be put up in alphabetical order based on the horses name. No deadline for website advertising.

Adverts can be as small or as large (up to A4 size) as you would like. Photos preferably to be of a high quality.

To arrange a stallion advert or other adverts on our website / Appaloosa News Magazine, please contact our magazine editor directly here. 

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