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Should I progeny record my Appaloosa foal?

Yes – as a breeder, you’ve put in a year of hard work, careful planning and watchful management. Finally, a healthy foal has arrived! But your job isn’t complete until the foal is registered. If your foal isn’t registered, its breeding and parentage may be forgotten, its value decreased, and opportunities may be lost forever such as recognition in competitions later on.

Remember, registering “coloured,” and solid coloured Appaloosas is equally important. You may not plan on breeding or showing your foal, but its next owner may wish to have that option open.

How much does it cost?

Check fees and forms or your latest magazine for the current schedule of fees.

Many people still submit old forms with the fees listed on them. Submitting an old form doesn’t mean your registration will be completed for the old fee. Instead, your work will remain unprocessed until the correct fees are submitted. If you have old forms, please discard them. To request new forms, download them from fees and forms or contact the ApHANZ Secretary. Current forms will be sent to you free of charge.

What is ‘the pink slip’?

The stallion owner has a Service Certificate Book which has numbered certificates in triplicate. The orange copy is attached to the stallion return which is filed annually with ApHANZ office, the white copy is the stallion owner’s record and the pink copy is given to mare owner, usually upon payment of the service fee.

The “pink slip” identifies the mare, acknowledges the mare was served by that stallion and gives the date/s of service. A stallion owner may choose not to issue a service certificate if the progeny is not to be registered or there is a dispute, for example non-payment of service fee.

Can I get a new registration certificate?

Yes, take some new photos, 2 for a progeny certificate or 4 for adult registration, and an explanation of what happened to the old one and send in to the office with the replacement certificate fee.

Do I have to brand my horse?

Yes, all registered horses should be branded by the time they are yearlings and must be branded by adult registration. Freeze or fire branding is accepted.

The brands are placed the same as a thoroughbred. The near shoulder has the breeder/owner/vet brand and the off shoulder has the distinguishing numerals consisting of a reference number over the last figure of the season of foaling. For example 1/4 is the first foal of the 2004 season, 2/4 for foal number 2 etc. A season extends from 1st August through to 31st July of the next year so a foal born in April 2004 is branded with a 3.

Where do I get a brand from?

Most people use their local veterinarian’s brand. If you would like to have your own brand, contact the NZ Thoroughbred Breeders Assoc ph 09) 5252428 who will approve your choice and provide you with the minimum dimensions for the brand. Send a copy of the approval to ApHANZ.

What is the minimum height?

To be eligible for registration, a horse must measure a minimum of 14hh at five years of age. If your horse is under 14hh at registration time, you will be asked to supply a height certificate when the horse is five years old.

Can frozen semen be used?

Artificial insemination is allowed, using transported semen, fresh, chilled or frozen. The stallion, mare and foal have to be DNA tested and verified results filed with ApHANZ. A certified AI Technician or qualified Veterinarian should carry out all procedures and sign off the Mare Identification and Certificate of Insemination form (triplicate – one for the mare owner, one for the stallion owner and one for ApHANZ).

Imported semen will be allowed if all ApHANZ registration and artificial insemination rules are complied with (please contact the Office for more information).

What sort of mare can I use to breed a foal?

First choice, a registered Appaloosa mare. Outcrossing is permitted to Thoroughbreds, Arabs and Quarter Horses who are registered with their own Studbook. Please note that Appendix Quarter Horses mares are not acceptable – Q numbered mares only.

Check also that the mare reaches the minimum height of 14hh, is not a cremello or a roan, doesn’t display pinto-paint type markings and has two generations clear of grey. When applying for progeny recording of the foal, please provide full information on the mare including copies of registration papers.

Which horses are not eligible for registration?

Breeding to the following types will result in a foal that is not eligible for registration:

  • Draught
  • Warmblood
  • Trakehner
  • Cob
  • Hanovarian
  • Cleveland Bay
  • Standardbred
  • Morgan
  • Albino type
  • Cremellos
  • Roans
  • Greys
  • Pinto
  • Paint
  • Ponies
  • Any horse that is not HYPP N/N





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